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Good for you! You can be Swan now at last. ―Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata (The Swan) ”

On 25th February 2018, Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Notte Stellata” Swan landed on, danced above, and flew up from the swan lake of Olympic rink.

Before the Exhibition I already wrote and even argued a lot about his Swan, and now I can believe all my imagination might be correct. The Swan deeply impressed me and his perfect cross-gender performance satisfied me. However, before that, I would like to say “Good for you, Yuzuru-san! Now you can be Swan at last”.

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He always keeps to be cool and took ideal attitude as the best athlete to the media, especially during the Olympic. However, he looked to be so relaxed and happy at the exhibition. Continue reading “Good for you! You can be Swan now at last. ―Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata (The Swan) ””


羽生結弦「星降る夜(The Swan)」―オリンピックのリンクに至高のスワンが舞う 2


一番印象的だったのは、練習中から仲間たちと楽しいひとときを過ごし、純粋にスケートを愛し楽しむ羽生結弦さんの笑顔。そして、とうとうオリンピックのリンクに舞い降りた「Notte Stellata(星降る夜)」のスワン。熾烈な4回転ジャンプ対決が繰り広げられた昨シーズン、まるでそのアンチテーゼのようにエキシビションで滑ったスワンが、オリンピックのリンクでも魅了してくれました。

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Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata” ―”The Swan” is flying from Olympic rink.

PyeongChang Olympic will be closed tomorrow. Before the closing ceremony, we can enjoy figure skating Exhibition Gala. The Gold medalistYuzuru Hanyu will present “Notte Stellata (The Swan)“.

Last season, he showed the same theme and deeply impressed us after intense Quads battles. The program was delightful especially for me, because his Swan was filled with supreme beauty of Cross-Gender Performance, my study theme.

I am suggesting the importance of cross-gender art performance expressing the beauty beyond gender or biased gender ideology. In my master thesis about the theme focused on men’s single figure skating,I indicated Swan as metaphor of cross-gendered beauty with examples of memorial performances by Alexei Urmanov, Evgeni Plushenko, and Johnny Weir. I hesitated to add Sochi Gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu’s Gala Swan “White Legend” to this stream, however, I heard he explained his costume designed by Weir as mixture of male and female elements, and concluded the thesis with his Swan.
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羽生結弦 「星降る夜 (The Swan)” ―オリンピックのリンクに至高のスワンが舞う

男子シングル 羽生結弦さんの金メダル、宇野昌磨さんの銀メダル、女子シングル 宮原知子さん、坂本花織さんの名演技、ザギトワ VSメドベージェワの史上最高ハイレベルの闘い、アダム・リッポンさんの団体戦銅メダルなど、フィギュアスケ―トでも感動的なシーンが繰り広げられた平昌オリンピック。間もなく閉幕の日を迎えることになります。

フィギュアスケート ファンのお楽しみはあとエキシビションを残すばかり。そして、ここに羽生結弦さんのスワンが登場します。羽生さんのエキシビション・プログラムは、昨シーズンと同じ「Notte Stellata (The Swan)」。昨シーズンの終了後に書いたレビューが大学院のサイトに掲載されていますので、ご覧ください。

羽生結弦 EX「星降る夜」のスワンに寄せて

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Homages to Mao ―The presence of Mao Asada in PyeongChang Olympic

As far as I know, Mao Asada is not officially involving in PyrongChang Olympic at all. We are wondering why, however, it doesn’t matter so much, because we can feel her existence in these Olympic fugue skating competitions.

We know many younger skaters, including Russian genius girls, were motivated by her and devoted themselves for figure skating. She had encouraged and developed many talents by her artistic performance and attitude with athlete spirit.

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真央に捧ぐオマージュ ―平昌オリンピックにおける浅田真央の存在感


平昌オリンピックのリンクで繰り広げられるフィギュアスケート競技を観戦しながら、浅田真央の美意識やアスリート魂が多くの選手たちに受け継がれていると感じた。偶然の一致かも知れないが、浅田真央へのオマージュと解釈できる要素を含んだ演技が多々見られるのである。 Continue reading “真央に捧ぐオマージュ ―平昌オリンピックにおける浅田真央の存在感”

宮原知子のSP「さゆり」 ~日本美をフィギュアスケートで舞う

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団体戦予選女子シングルSPを直前に控え、宮原知子のSP「さゆり」について大急ぎで調べた。モチーフは、昭和初期の京都、祇園を舞台にひとりの芸妓の生涯を描いた小説『さゆり』(原題:Memoirs Of A Geisha)。 Continue reading “宮原知子のSP「さゆり」 ~日本美をフィギュアスケートで舞う”