Enchanted by his inner Swan ― Yuzuru Hanyu’s SP and his Gurardian Swan

Yuzuru Hanyu‘s SP (Short Program) won the 1st place in Figure Skating Men’s Single Individual game.

Since he was injured his foot by challenging of Quad Lutz, he has not  competed before the Olympic. Beyond all the challenges and struggles with himself, he achieved the highest score of men’s single Olympians.

In my opinion, for competitions, especially Olympic, it would be better to use famous refined classical music for SP, to represent the essence of figure skaters themselves first of all, instead of entertaining some special characters. So, I am happy that Hanyu selected  Chopin‘s Ballade No. 1 as 2017-18 season’s SP.

Although loving his universal and abstract performance, I saw “Swan” in his SP. The Swan is his favorite motif and he is preparing “Notte Stellata” for exhibition. Fortunately enough, I could see his Swan in SP before the gala. Look at Swan-like noble elegance, and delicate movement of hands like Swan, and Swan shape flying sit spin.  Some movement reminded Johnny Weir’s Torino “Swan”. However, Hanyu’s Swan in SP is his unique creation. His Swab is flawlessly beautiful, elegant, graceful, and noble. On the other hand, incredibly energetic, powerful, wild, and full of passion.

He won SP top position by himself, of course, I believe a kind of Guardian Swan is living in himself. I still remember his Swan as a disaster survivor at Sochi exhibition. As if enchanted by his inner Swan, he achieved the best performance. His swan is still changing and growing up.

I believe he will win the Gold medal today.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
I would like to suggest call his flying shit spin “Swan Spin”.


Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata” ―”The Swan” is flying from Olympic rink.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Olympic Demon and Control to the Gold Medal





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