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Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata” ―”The Swan” is flying from Olympic rink.

PyeongChang Olympic will be closed tomorrow. Before the closing ceremony, we can enjoy figure skating Exhibition Gala. The Gold medalistYuzuru Hanyu will present “Notte Stellata (The Swan)“.

Last season, he showed the same theme and deeply impressed us after intense Quads battles. The program was delightful especially for me, because his Swan was filled with supreme beauty of Cross-Gender Performance, my study theme.

I am suggesting the importance of cross-gender art performance expressing the beauty beyond gender or biased gender ideology. In my master thesis about the theme focused on men’s single figure skating,I indicated Swan as metaphor of cross-gendered beauty with examples of memorial performances by Alexei Urmanov, Evgeni Plushenko, and Johnny Weir. I hesitated to add Sochi Gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu’s Gala Swan “White Legend” to this stream, however, I heard he explained his costume designed by Weir as mixture of male and female elements, and concluded the thesis with his Swan.
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宮原知子のSP「さゆり」 ~日本美をフィギュアスケートで舞う

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団体戦予選女子シングルSPを直前に控え、宮原知子のSP「さゆり」について大急ぎで調べた。モチーフは、昭和初期の京都、祇園を舞台にひとりの芸妓の生涯を描いた小説『さゆり』(原題:Memoirs Of A Geisha)。 Continue reading “宮原知子のSP「さゆり」 ~日本美をフィギュアスケートで舞う”


確信していた通り、羽生結弦平昌オリンピック フィギュアスケート 男子シングル競技の金メダルに輝いた。SP、FSともに負傷から長いブランクを経て復帰した現時点で最高の力を発揮して、素晴らしい演技を見せてくれた。4回転はリスクの高いルッツも可能性のあるループも回避して、サルコウとトウループを満点のGoe加点が付く出来で仕上げるという正しい判断。ほとんどのエレメントに2点、3点の加点が付くクオリティの高いパフォーマンスで世界中を魅了した。シニアデビューしたばかりの頃から応援している筆者にとっても嬉しい限りである。

エキシビションでは昨シーズンに引き続き、サン=サーンスの「白鳥」を現代風にカバーしたIl Voloの「Notte Stellata」で滑る美しいプログラムを見せてくれる。彼が秘め持つ美の本質が開示され、筆者の研究テーマでもあるクロスジェンダー・パフォーマンスに通じる至高のスワンがまた舞い降りるのが楽しみだ。

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Enchanted by his inner Swan ― Yuzuru Hanyu’s SP and his Gurardian Swan

Yuzuru Hanyu‘s SP (Short Program) won the 1st place in Figure Skating Men’s Single Individual game.

Since he was injured his foot by challenging of Quad Lutz, he has not  competed before the Olympic. Beyond all the challenges and struggles with himself, he achieved the highest score of men’s single Olympians.

In my opinion, for competitions, especially Olympic, it would be better to use famous refined classical music for SP, to represent the essence of figure skaters themselves first of all, instead of entertaining some special characters. So, I am happy that Hanyu selected  Chopin‘s Ballade No. 1 as 2017-18 season’s SP.

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Expecting Cross-Gender Performance of Men’s Single Figure Skating in PyoengChang

Just before men’s single figure skating game in PyoengChang Olympic, I would like to my favorite figure skaters, Adam Rippon (USA) and Misha Ge (Uzbekistan), as well as three Japanese athletes. Some may wonder why I chose them instead of major quad jumpers. It is just because I am a writer of “Gender-Crossing in Men’s Single Figure Stating ―Focused on Performances in Olympics in the Early 21st Century―”. In Torino and Vancouver Olympic, Johnny Weir demonstrated the beauty and sensuality beyond gender ideology. After Weir’s retire, we currently can find cross-gender beauty in their performance. However, they aren’t successors to Weir, because they have been pursuing their own styles. Anyway, it is very delightful for me to see cross-gender performance on Olympic rink.

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彼がFSプログラムに選んだ音楽「フラミンゴの飛来」は、動物自然環境ドキュメンタリー映画『The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos』のサウンドトラック曲であるが、彼のフラミンゴはワイルドながらナチュラルとは言えない。ファンタジックでシュールな、架空の鳥のようである。
前の記事でも触れた通り、筆者の研究テーマの一つは、ジェンダーを超越した美の表現、クロスジェンダーパフォーマンスである。この研究テーマで論じた修士論文と小論文において、フィギュアスケートにおけるクロスジェンダーパフォーマンスの象徴として取り上げたのは、ウルマノフプルシェンコ、そしてジョニー・ウィアーらの歴史的プログラムのモチーフとなったスワン(白鳥)であった。 Continue reading “アダム・リッポン、独創的なフラミンゴで新しい美の境地を開く”

Adam Rippon’s creative Flamingo opened the new era of figure skating cross-gender performance.

Adam Rippon had done! He played perfect FS performance “Arrival of the Birds / Exodus (from The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos), impressed his unique beauty at the Olympic stage. The music is from nature documentary film, however, his flamingo is not so natural, but rather dreamy and surreal like a fantasy bird.
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I respect art performance beyond gender ideology and have been studying about the cultural history and the essence of the beauty. After Sochi Olympic, I wrote a master’s thesis and an essay on cross-gender performance in men’s single figure stating in winter Olympics in the early 21st century. In my study I suggested swan as beautiful and aggressive image, or positive “Gender Trouble” (Judith Butler) metaphor, by showing the examples of unforgettable  performances by Alexei Urmanov, Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, etc. Continue reading “Adam Rippon’s creative Flamingo opened the new era of figure skating cross-gender performance.”