Yuzuru Hanyu’s Olympic Demon and Control to the Gold Medal

I am so happy and still excited for Yuzuru Hanyu’s second Olympic Gold medal!

Unfortunately some elements were approved Level 3 instead of Level 4 in his SP and FS. However, I consider these were for quite correct selection to win. I guess his right leg had not been perfectly cured and he had to control to keep it until the end.
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He configured SP as almost the same as the world record program by himself in 2017 CS Autumn Classic. This might be due to the best and most safety strategy.  But the last spin was Level 3 instead of Level 4, and after the competition, he told to the interviewer that all were as intended. I felt something strange because he always commented the regret for Level 3 elements. However, after the final victory, I understood the Level 3 elements were for his control to keep and make the best to win.

In addition to his passion, mental toughness, efforts, artistry, and technical sense, I believe his intelligent control for maximizing the total quality and power brought the Gold medal.

He commented that “Olympic Demon” might save him.  I imagined that his “Demon” might remind the importance of cool controlling at Olympic rink. However, he also commented that he will challenge Quad axel jump as the next step. My above anxiety might be too much, and he might have already overcome the injury. Anyway, he had won the all, including even “Olympic Demon”, on his side to this victory.

Congratulations again!




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