The most powerful and beautiful girls skaters

In the 2017-18 “Olympic” season, figure skating men’s singles have been severely fierce with higher-level jumps, and brought about disaster such as Yuzuru Hanyu‘s injury. And the fight of the women’ singles led by teenage genius girls is also fierce as well.

Watching figure skating games as an enthusiastic fan, I always have been surprised by teenager girl skaters’ mental toughness. As for mental, I guess that they might be much stronger than experienced elder skaters or male athletes.  In this Olympic season, we witnessed girls’ strength more vividly.

While some can acquire the strength from experiences and learning, some can be stronger because of their own innocence. Some can acquire the power with their inner flexibility more than with patterned knowledge. And we know that the power and light will explode from young body and soul and bring absolute confidence.

Now that the Olympic Games are about to begin, I will try to write about teen-age girl figure skaters and the the essence of their power, to give them my ale for the Olympic Game.




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