Love and Sympathy of Amazing Audience

Figure Skating World Championship 2019 Report & Review 2

Before going into the review of the main subject, Yuzuru Hanyu, I would like to report about “sympathy” in the arena, true pleasure of actual competition watching. Fortunately enough, I could really experience the most impressive scene of sympathy.

After Men’s Single SP skating, Nathan Chen took great lead, and Yuzuru Hanyu was in the 3rd place. Yuzuru’s fan expected him to win Nathan in the championships. We audience were so excited because they were ordered sequentially, and the moment of miracle sympathy came between their performances.

Hanyu’s FS beautiful performance “Origin” greatly pleased the audience. He failed 4S jump, but perfectly succeeded in 4Lo, and 4T + 3A combination and exceeded 200 points in FS and 300 in total score. We celebrated him with big applause and long standing ovation.

Nathan Chen appeared might not be so surprised at Yuzuru’s score, because his had already achieved much higher score in the US championships. He might be confident to win. Poohs thrown into the rink for Yuzuru were rapidly collected by excellent flower girls and a boy, so I believe they might not bother Nathan so much, however, our too passionate celebration for Yuzuru might make him feel sone sense of away. I guess his self-confidence and physical technique rapidly improved this season, however, I also know his mental fragility that brought terrible failure in Pyongchang Olympics.

After Yuzuru left Kiss & Cry, I focused on Nathan and imagined Nathan’s feeling. Then I heard voices encouraging him, “Nathan, ganbatte (do your best) !!” and many calls of his name. Their sincere hope to encourage him spread throughout the arena. I know a lot of them are Nathan’s fans, but I heard such big applauses that might given by other skaters’ fans also including an enthusiastic Yuzuru fan like me. Warm claps and cheering voices resonated all over the arena, then Nathan responded with a smile. I sympathized with his happiness and gratitude. Thus I believe Nathan could perform in better mental condition, surrounded by miracle circle of love and sympathy.

Yuzuru Hanyu showed frustration soon after the celebration ceremony, but in other interview he told about Nathan, “So cool! I can’t believe he is just a teenager yet!”, welcoming the existence of the most powerful rival. At that moment, a new era of battle between 2 big geniuses opened in men’s single figure skating. Replying shore interview after the victory, Nathan Chen told that he could perform surrounded by “amazing audience”. I am so happy to experience this historic moment at the arena, and feel proud to be one of amazing audience.


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