Shoma Uno, The First Winner in Figure Skating, Olympic 2018

I will write about the Olympic programs of figure skating athletes as ales to them. First of all, my I am writing about Shoma Uno, who won in Figure Skating Team Event.

In my personal opinion, I don’t agree to conduct team event in the Olympic, because it might be too severe for skaters to keep and control their mental and physical power until individual games.  Additionally, some can’t maximize own ability before individual games and might decrease the performance quality.

As seen the terrible results of 8 of 10 skaters, who fell jumps, it might be true that the the team event affected negative for them.

Team Event | Men Single Skating Short Program | FRI 9 FEB 2018

However, such anxiety is unnecessary for Shoma Uno, who marked over 100 score in his first Olympic game. He can make his best at any situations.

I like his SP Program, “The Winter” in Vivaldi’s Symphony No.4 “Four Seasons”.  Gold medal challengers would select more dynamic program for FS matching for advanced quad jumps. Uno also prepared dramatic “Turandot”. But I think it’s not enough for represent Uno’s real essence in his performance, something delicate beauty, and this SP program is appropriate to express his this aspect.

Uno took mistake to touch the ice after the first jump, and could get such high score, 103.25.  This might prove his possibility to  grow more higher. I really expect him to control himself to keep the power to win the Gold medal.


homa Uno Official Website


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