Good for you! You can be Swan now at last. ―Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata (The Swan) ”

On 25th February 2018, Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Notte Stellata” Swan landed on, danced above, and flew up from the swan lake of Olympic rink.

Before the Exhibition I already wrote and even argued a lot about his Swan, and now I can believe all my imagination might be correct. The Swan deeply impressed me and his perfect cross-gender performance satisfied me. However, before that, I would like to say “Good for you, Yuzuru-san! Now you can be Swan at last”.

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He always keeps to be cool and took ideal attitude as the best athlete to the media, especially during the Olympic. However, he looked to be so relaxed and happy at the exhibition. As seen in some news shots, even during practice time, he was truly enjoying skating with adorable smile together with other top figure skaters, who respected him like a princess. Face expression, motion, and mood…. All looked different from those during competitions. Released from severe stress, he exposed his Swan like nature.

“Good for you, Yuzuru-san! Now you can be Swan now at last.”

After all struggles to himself to win the Gold medal, he could perform the program including “the Swan” in title, wearing Swan costume decorated with white feather and pretty sequins. Now he became the most beautiful and graceful Swan.
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I know this Swan is homage to his respecting figure skaters. He included the element Lay-back Ina Bauer as homage to Shizuka Arakawa, and Bielman Spin taught by Plshenko himself, which I named cross-gender elements in my thesis. And a lot of motions, including swan-form spins, revealed Johnny Weir’s Torino Swan. The music is requested by Tatiace Tarasova, and the choreographer was David Willson who choreographed Weir’s Vancouver FS “Fallen Angels”. Yuzuru Hanyu understood what they were requesting and embodied that. This prozurugram was also requiem for the Great Disaster of Eastern Japan, that he himself was damaged and survived. And after all, the Swan is Yuzuru Hanyu himself.

After the exhibition closed, Yuzuru Hanyu recovered his official cool and hot athlete face, and perfectly answered the interview questions. His new chapter to the new goal has begun. Any way―

“Good for you, Yuzuru-san! Now you can be Swan now at last.”

Yuzuru Hanyu “Notte Stellata” ―”The Swan” is flying from Olympic rink.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Olympic Demon and Control to the Gold Medal

Enchanted by his inner Swan ― Yuzuru Hanyu’s SP and his Gurardian Swan

Expecting Cross-Gender Performance of Men’s Single Figure Skating in PyoengChang


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