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Homages to Mao ―The presence of Mao Asada in PyeongChang Olympic

As far as I know, Mao Asada is not officially involving in PyrongChang Olympic at all. We are wondering why, however, it doesn’t matter so much, because we can feel her existence in these Olympic fugue skating competitions.

We know many younger skaters, including Russian genius girls, were motivated by her and devoted themselves for figure skating. She had encouraged and developed many talents by her artistic performance and attitude with athlete spirit.

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真央に捧ぐオマージュ ―平昌オリンピックにおける浅田真央の存在感


平昌オリンピックのリンクで繰り広げられるフィギュアスケート競技を観戦しながら、浅田真央の美意識やアスリート魂が多くの選手たちに受け継がれていると感じた。偶然の一致かも知れないが、浅田真央へのオマージュと解釈できる要素を含んだ演技が多々見られるのである。 Continue reading “真央に捧ぐオマージュ ―平昌オリンピックにおける浅田真央の存在感”