Blythe/Pullip Girls Pride Story 2 誰よりも誇り高い彼女が…

Aria #blythe was shocked to see a new house-made.

新しいメイドと紹介された少女を見て、アリア #ブライス はびっくり。誰よりも誇り高い彼女がなぜ…?

1. This is a new Made, Julie. Please be kind to her.

2. Why you?! You are the most arrogant princess, aren’t you?

3. Please say “the most gorgeous and noble”. Our “Hotel Chateau Ange de la Mer” business went bankrupt, and my father escaped with Gilbert.

4. Ohohohohohoho…. But! I am still noble and proud!

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A story of friendship, love/hate, and delicate relarionship between 2 pretty girls.

Alyona (Aria) Brythe Rosmarine: A daughter of CEO of huge conglomerate concerm

Julia (Julie) Pullip de Ferrier: A princess of fallen aristocrat


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